Choose a More Secure Wrike Alternative | Dead Drop Software
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Is Wrike not moving your project forward?

Switch From Wrike to Dead Drop.

Here are Compelling Reasons to Ditch Wrike and Move Collaboration to Dead Drop:


Best for Business to Business Collaboration – Dead Drop is ideal not only for collaboration within one team and company. It is also the perfect tool for getting work done with external business partners. Get work done with clients, suppliers, vendors, startups, and other entities that contribute to the success of your brand, all in the comforts of Dead Drop software.


Customizable Platform for Seamless Branding – Dead Drop can be customized to showcase your company logo and visual identity colors. With this cloud-based platform as your team’s collaboration tool, it will be easy to display and be proud of your brand.


Built with Security at its Core – Built on Amazon Web Services, Dead Drop keeps your company data safe from prying eyes. Even when working with multiple external business partners, you are assured that your files and messages will remain secure. The tool is equipped with login monitoring for keeping track of anyone who tries to log into the system. Another fantastic Dead Drop security feature is the audit trail. It lets administrators and project owners know what activities have been done in each project.


Better Pricing at only $79 per Month – Dead Drop comes with a flat and fixed monthly rate. No matter the size of your team or the number of external business partners you work with, pay only $79 per month. No need to pay a fee per user. This 79-dollar recurring monthly fee gives you unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth, too.

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