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Make Business
Communication And
Collaboration More

Ditch Trello. Switch to Dead Drop.

It’s Time to Switch From Trello to Dead Drop If:

  • You need a collaboration tool that is pure business
  • You work with multiple external business partners
  • You are concerned about company data security
  • You simply aren’t getting work done using trello

It’s Time to Leave Trello Boards Behind. Get More Work Done Using Dead Drop Projects.


Dead Drop is Pure Business – Dead Drop is a business to business collaboration and communication tool. The platform is suitable for companies that work with multiple external business partners and clients. It can be used by any business that gives top priority to sending messages and files securely and keeping important project details safe from prying eyes. Unlike Trello, Dead Drop boasts of no hassles and no frills. The platform focuses on boosting your team productivity and accelerating business growth, all in a secure environment.


Dead Drop Offers Better Business Branding – Your visual identity is at the forefront of Dead Drop software. For this reason, you can upload your business logo to your account. You can also modify the colors of the platform to better represent your brand. Trello lets you customize boards, sure, but their customization feature isn’t geared towards business branding. With Dead Drop, your brand takes center stage. With Dead Drop, you get to represent your business every time your external partners or clients switch to your company instance.


Dead Drop is Built with Security at its Core – Dead Drop is a cloud-based platform hosted on Amazon Web Services. AWS, a leader in the cloud computing industry, keeps your Dead Drop account safe from prying eyes. Whether you collaborate with a single client or with multiple business partners, you can be sure that your company data will remain secure, safe from leaks and breaches. Additionally, Dead Drop boasts of a nifty per-project structure. Only those working on a certain project can access the messages, files, and calendar or said project. This system renders the platform extra secure.


Dead Drop Comes with a Flat and Fixed Rate – Trello pricing comes in three tiers – free, business, and enterprise. They charge for every user, too. This is the typical pricing structure of many online collaboration tools. But not Dead Drop. Dead Drop comes with a flat and fixed rate of only $79 per month. Under this recurring monthly rate, you get to work with unlimited users, use unlimited storage, and run unlimited projects. No matter the size of your company or team, a Dead Drop plan will surely help you get more work done.

Make today the last day you deal with Trello customer service. Bring your team closer to success with Dead Drop Software.

Experience secure communication and limitless collaboration with Dead Drop.