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The Most Popular Online Video Games Against Real Opponents

The Most Popular Online Video Games Against Real Opponents

Free Android Multiplayer Games to play online with friends playing multiplayer games on current mobile in 2019 has become a favorite entertainment for many of us. The moment we have some free time or want to rest for a while and clear our heads, we usually open our favorite Android online games to start playing. Who hasn’t? However, the fun increases when we have the opportunity to face our friends in various action games that we can find in Android games. Playing in multiplayer mode is an exceptional and growing experience on Android phones. Only in the last six years have we been able to witness an incredible evolution with the appearance of games with a graphic level of consoles.

Games to play online with friends

So much has evolved that there are more and more game options to play with online friends. However, among so many titles available in the various online stores, we will list the best multiplayer games to make it easier to choose the right one that will give us a good time.

There are many Android games for two or more people where you can challenge your friends or an opposite team along with your friends. If you are looking for the best Android multiplayer games to play with your friends, here is our list of games that work with wired internet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and even, you can download them for free on your Android phone or tablet.

  1. Ice Age Village

This is another one of the games to connect with friends that consists of a Construction Simulator where your goal is to unlock and build new homes for the protagonists of the film The Ice Age. It is a game in which you will not find many complications, and besides, it is quite intuitive, since if you have seen the film, you will meet all the characters. If you play connected to your Facebook account, you can see the constructions your friends make, and you will also gain additional elements that you can use in your village.

  1. Osmos HD

Osmos HD is another of the many games present in the Play Store that can be played online, and whose multiplayer mode is quite similar to the regular game, in which we adopt the role of a microorganism whose primary mission is to devour others of its kind through osmosis. Hence it derives its name. It is an ideal game to relax, very entertaining, and even offers one of the best gaming experiences for Android devices. The visual part is quite minimalist, being an advantage for graphics to play smoothly on Android devices of various specifications.

  1. Order & Chaos Online

It is an MMORPG game with lots of adepts as well as many things that can be done during the game. It is possible to play alone if you want, although the most fun is your multiplayer way to play with friends. During the development of the game, you can find a lot of characters, more than a thousand missions to run, montages and up to five different races available to play. The game includes a PVP mode available next to the cooperative way, which was already expected from an MMO game like this. It is a game to enjoy for many hours and days, so you will get to know a gigantic world of characters as you move forward in this segment of online games for mobile phones with Android.

  1. Ingress

Among the games, for two players for Android online, we find Ingres, a game that is labeled as augmented strategic reality, and that develops not only on a limited screen but in the real world. Its operation is given by the existence of portals around the world, which must be taken or defended with the chosen side: resistance or enlightened. The game is a success, so much so that a global community has already opened up where fans of the game gather. You will find portals everywhere, as long as you live near towns and cities. Ingres will fill your fun days with the addition that you will have to leave your home to play, which helps you do physical activity, something similar to the game Pokémon GO.

  1. Dr. Driving

Your role in this multiplayer game is to try to be a talented driver on the road to score points. You won’t be part of any race here, and you won’t have to crash into other cars or people. Your only goal will be to drive your vehicle correctly at pure speed on the road. Multiplayer mode is not as accentuated as in other games, as you will be able to access the leaderboards and achievements. The main goal is to try to overcome the game, something that can become disappointing as you spend more time. In addition to all the fun it brings, this game is free.

  1. CSR Racing

CSR Racing is among the most chosen when it comes to online games to play with friends, accumulating to date some 50 million installations. CSR Racing is a car racing game in which you will have to measure your talent against artificial intelligence and against many other players who will also want to win, in a race of a quarter of a mile or a half a mile. Prepare to enjoy an extensive campaign full of vertigo, along with all the best and additions that developers continue to make with each update. If you dive into multiplayer mode, you will have to measure with other players online and get rewards that you will later be able to use in CSR Racing campaign mode. The good thing about this game is that you will always find opponents connected to play.

  1. Eternity Warriors 2

Eternity Warriors 2 is another game that has a somewhat similar performance to Dungeon Hunter. It features PVP and an online multiplayer mode that allows you to face online or play with a friend in case you wish. The graphics are above average, and the performance of the game is usually well qualified and with the best reviews among players of multiplayer games for the mobile. To play this game, you don’t have to pay anything, as it is free, although it includes the typical purchases that we all know within the game, which may be a little annoying for you, although it’s nothing serious. In spite of this, the game’s rating is excellent, so it can be concluded that the option of making purchases within the game is not something that significantly harms the gaming experience or the opinion of the players about it.