Collaborate Smarter on a More Secure Smartsheet Alternative | Dead Drop Software
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Collaborate Smarter with Dead Drop Software, the More Secure Smartsheet Alternative

Switch From Smartsheet to Dead Drop.

Boost Productivity, Celebrate More Milestones, Move your Team from Smartsheet to Dead Drop


Work with External Business Partners in Dead Drop – Dead Drop is ideal not only for collaborating within one team or company. The platform is likewise suitable for companies that work with external business partners. It is a tool for communicating securely, managing files, and sharing data with just about anyone you collaborate with, even if they are not part of your company. Additionally, with Dead Drop’s first-rate security features, you don’t have to worry about data leaks even if you use the platform with multiple external business partners.


Collaborate with as Many Users as Needed – Unlike the Smartsheet app and other popular online collaboration tools, Dead Drop sets no limits on users. Your team will be able to work with as many users, clients, or business partners. There is no need to pay a per user fee. We don’t charge for a set number of team members. No matter the manpower needs of your company, Dead Drop is sure to deliver smooth and secure communication and collaboration.


Pay only a Fixed and Flat Rate of $79 per Month – Dead Drop pricing is simple and straightforward. Unlike Smartsheet pricing, Dead Drop comes with a single price type. You pay a recurring fee of $79 — no more, no less. You will not be charged for every user or every project added. You will not be asked to commit to a long-term contract. For $79 every month, you get to work with unlimited users, share and manage as many documents or files as needed, and run as many projects as you want.

Safeguard Your Data from Prying Eyes.
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