Dead Drop for Real Estate Collaboration | Dead Drop Software
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Dead Drop for
Real Estate Agencies

An Easy and Secure Way to Keep Track of Properties


All Properties at a Glance

With its project-specific structure, Dead Drop offers real estate agencies a comprehensive glance of their properties. The platform can be used to organize all assets for sale. They can be catalogued by location, by agent, or however the agency sees fit.


Document Management

Dead Drop comes with unlimited storage. The cloud-based tool is more than capable of storing documents, photos, forms, and other data that a real estate agency deals with on a day-to-day basis. All files uploaded are by project and can be accessed only by those who are members of said project.


Customizable for Branding

A real estate agency often collaborates with other businesses in the same industry. Dead Drop offers an on-brand experience by letting you upload a logo or personalize the colors of the platform. Listing companies, photographers, or other business partners will know it’s your agency they’re collaborating with with just one glance at your Dead Drop.


Track Important Dates

The calendar feature of Dead Drop makes tracking important dates easy. Write down the schedule of property viewings or meetings with other real estate agents. The calendar is also great for moments of celebrations; real estate agencies can take note of milestones, such as when you close a deal on a property.


Value for Money

Priced at only $79 per month, Dead Drop offers value for money. Real estate agencies can run unlimited projects and collaborate with unlimited users or clients using Dead Drop. An agency can work on as many properties as needed, without worrying about paying more for storage or project fees.

Celebrate Agency Milestones with Dead Drop