Dead Drop Legal Document Management | Dead Drop Software
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Dead Drop for
Law Firms

Secure Document Management for Lawyers and their Clients


A Secure Place to Store Files

Dead Drop is a cloud-based platform built with security at its core. Using Dead Drop software, law firms can safeguard their critical documents, dispatch files electronically to the clients, and have one central location in the cloud to store company data.


Easy Organization

Law firms will find organizing cases using Dead Drop an improvement from their traditional system. To maintain security and for better organization, projects in Dead Drop are self-contained, with their own space for files, messages, & calendars.


Backup And Restore

Giving law firms full control, data in Dead Drop software can be be saved and restored any time. An auto-backup feature is alo supported. This way, law firms can stay on top of their company data at all times.


Handy Calendar

Keeping track of deadlines or court appearances is easy using Dead Drop’s calendar feature. The calendar comes in daily, weekly, and monthly format, giving anyone the option to add general events or be quite detailed when tracking important dates.


Value For Money

Dead Drop is availabe for free trial for 30 days. A dead Drop subscription is priced at only $79. This is fixed rate with a recurring monthly term. It comes with unlimited storage, unlimited members, and unlimited projects.

Upholding The Law Is Easier Using Dead Drop