Dead Drop Secure Financial Data Management | Dead Drop Software
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Dead Drop for Financial Planning Firms

Safeguarding Valuable Financial Data in the Cloud


Keep Vital Data Secure in Dead Drop

Safeguarding proprietary financial information is easy using Dead Drop. Structured with bank-level security, Dead Drop is the one safe place for financial planning firms and their valued clients.


No Data Leaks

Dead Drop showcases a foolproof per-project framework. Using this platform, financial planning firms can work with as many clients or business partners as they want without worrying about data leaks. Access to files and messages are project specific in order to maintain security all through the system.


Audit Trail

Having an eagle-eye view of the business is crucial in running a financial planning company smoothly. The audit trail feature of Dead Drop gives administrators a tool for staying on top of everything. With the audit trail, you will know if a colleague has reviewed a policy or whether a client was able to access the message you relayed.


Secure Messaging

Email is not secure but is still considered the go-to messaging platform by many companies. With Dead Drop, financial planning firms are assured of industry-compliant measures that keep vital correspondence safe from prying eyes. For added security, communication is also structured in a per-project format.


Fixed and Flat Rate

Dead Drop costs only $79 per month. Even with a wide array of departments, a financial planning company can choose to use only one Dead Drop plan. No need to pay a fee for every project or every user added. Dead Drop also comes with a recurring monthly payment scheme, making it ideal for financial planning firms, big or small.

Helping Secure the Future of Families in a Secure Platform