Dead Drop for Architectural Firms
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Dead Drop for Architectural Firms

Smooth Collaboration, from design to construction


A Secure Place to Manage Files

File management becomes one pain-free exercise for architectural firms using Dead Drop software. It’s the one secure place for keeping digital records of client information, designs, and other important data.


Unlimited Storage

Architectural firms handle a considerable volume of files for every project. But Dead Drop’s unlimited storage is more than capable of handling all the files that an architectural firm deals with on a daily basis.


Track Milestones

Monitoring the progress of the many projects that your firm has is easy on Dead Drop. With the calendar’s milestone feature, your business and clients can celebrate every progress made in each project.


Business to Business

Dead Drop gives you collaboration beyond one team. This cloud-based platform is suitable for business to business collaboration. Firms can work with contractors, clients, and other external business partners securely in Dead Drop.


Only $79 Per Month

Priced at only $79 per month, Dead Drop gives architectural firms great value for their money. This flat and fixed rate will already allow any business to work with unlimited clients and business partners.

Building from the Ground Up is Easy with Dead Drop