Dead Drop for Accounting File Security | Dead Drop Software
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Dead Drop for Accounting Firms

Safeguarding Critical Data from Prying Eyes


Protect Financial Data

Dead Drop is the ideal collaboration software in a field where data protection is always top priority. For accounting firms, the platform is a secure environment for conducting communication in the cloud both with colleagues or with clients.


Easy File Management

Dead Drop delivers a secure avenue where all correspondence by an accounting firm can never be compromised. Whether communicating with clients or with colleagues, the platform offers a better and safer alternative to standard email.


Secure Commnunication

Giving accounting firms full control, data in Dead Drop software can be be saved and restored any time. An auto-backup feature is also supported. This way, accounting firms can stay on top of their company data at all times.


Audit Trail

The audit trail displays all activities in the system. Whether an accountant needs to check on the progress of an intra-team project or they want to see if a client has read the message they sent, the audit trail is a useful Dead Drop feature.


Value For Money

Dead Drop comes with a flat and fixed rate of only $79 per month. We don’t charge per user or per project. No matter the size of your accounting firm or the number of clients you have, Dead Drop offers the best value for your money.

Dead Drop Is An Asset for Accounting firms of Any size