Task & Project Collaboration for Business
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Still using pen and paper to delegate tasks to your team? Still using post-its and actual calendars for scheduling assignments to project members? Think of the precious time you lose using this outdated system. Think of the misunderstood verbal instructions and misplaced documents. Perhaps it’s time to consider a more modern approach to assigning tasks. Perhaps it’s time to join the modern age by considering workflow automation.

Dead Drop is a task & project collaboration software for business to business collaboration. The system is designed in a way that makes getting work done with a team or with business partners easy and smooth. Here are the features of this project collaboration software that can assist your team in reaching their goals:


Dead Drop is organized by project. This is one of the features that this task collaboration software makes working with a team or with business partners so much easier. When it comes to designating assignments for team members, the project-based configuration definitely helps. If you need to catch up on progress from team members, you can relay messages within the project. Users who are not involved in the project will not receive the message.


Dead Drop software comes with a handy calendar that is useful for posting task updates. The calendar can be displayed and used either in daily, weekly, or monthly format. This calendar, with its various formats, is effective when it comes to doling out team assignments and handling project management tasks in general.


Another Dead Drop feature that is useful for gathering task status from project team members is the audit trail. This nifty feature allows for system administrators and project owners to keep track of the activities of members inside Dead Drop. Using the audit trail, they will know when documents have been submitted, messages have been viewed, and other activities. It most definitely comes handy for monitoring the status of each project.

When it comes to managing a project, it helps to have the right tool at your disposal. And when these projects involve several teams or teams that are not co-located, the right tool should be able to deliver secure messaging, safe file sharing, fast team collaboration in the cloud, and complete control. Dead Drop achieves these and more. And at a great value, too; the tool comes with a flat and fixed rate of only $79 per month. For only $79, everything is unlimited using Dead Drop.

Ready to make your operations safer? Grab a Dead Drop FREE trial today.