Secure File Sharing for Business
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Your success in business depends on a myriad of factors. One of the most important, perhaps, is how well you keep your trade secrets hidden from the competition. In the old days, this involved safes with multi-layer locks or rooms guarded by armed men 24/7. In the old days, competitors would need to organize Hollywood style capers to get ahold of your company’s precious secret sauce recipe.

But the landscape of protecting business data has changed immensely. These days, your important company data can be saved in a single thumb drive. This means lower costs since you don’t have to shell out money for high-end safes or specialized guards. This means having modern technology as an ally for keeping trade secrets. However, this also means being vulnerable when it comes to sophisticated breaches in security. These days, people with nefarious intent can steal your data from any part of the world, right in their own living rooms.

Dead Drop is one ally in keeping business data safe. Dead Drop software is a tool equipped with features ideal for business partners secure file sharing and collaboration.

There are several ways that Dead Drop software facilitates secure file sharing for business to business collaboration.


Dead Drop is a cloud file sharing for business application. The system is built on Amazon Web Services, one of the leading cloud computing platforms renowned for security, storage, and global infrastructure. What does this mean for your business? If you are using Dead Drop for sharing files, you will be sure that your data will be safe from prying eyes in the cloud, in a secure network of remote servers.


Dead Drop runs on a project-based configuration. To ensure security, only those who are part of a project can access the data of said project. If you want to share files with one team working on a particular project, only members of that team will be able to access the files. Data is kept away from prying eyes even within one company. This project-based system also helps keep file sharing secure when working with business partners.


Another way that Dead Drop keeps file sharing secure is by making sure that malware doesn’t find its way into the system. All files shared within teams or between business partners are scanned for maliciousness.

In order to keep your trade secrets safe from prying eyes, Dead Drop provides you with a secure avenue for file sharing. For only $79 per month, you can avoid data loss by sharing files using a tool that boasts of topnotch security and project-based collaboration features. Additionally, Dead Drop also supports task status and update features, secure messaging, document management and seamless collaboration.

Ready to make your operations safer? Grab a Dead Drop FREE trial today.