Online Team Collaboration Software
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Group collaboration these days looks a lot different than it was decades ago due to the rapid pace of modern technology. Before the rise of team collaboration tools, accomplishing projects with others involved face-to-face meetings, folders upon folders of files, and hours spent on phone calls. This was especially tricky, not to mention expensive, for teams that were stationed in different offices across the globe.

Nowadays, there are tons of team collaboration software that make working together a lot easier. These apps come in different forms, designs, and styles. Some are small team collaboration tools while others are perfect for multi-national teams. And because they are web based team collaboration software, they are the best tools to have for managers who work with remote teams.

As an online team collaboration software, Dead Drop comes equipped with features that make working with a team simple, easy, and more productive. Using Dead Drop, your team can:


Dead Drop boasts of a project-based design and structure. Everything that you can do inside the system is within the scope of a project. For collaboration, your team can set events and milestones using the calendar. Additionally, messages and files can be exchanged among members of a projects. For better tracking of project progress, project owners and administrators have access to everything that’s done inside the system.


Dead Drop allows for secure messaging between members of a project. Compared to standard email, communication using Dead Drop is in the cloud. Because of its project-based nature, messaging using this remote team collaboration software is secure. Only those who are members of a certain project will be able to read or access the messages sent under said project. Even if you are working with various business partners, normal users will be able to read messages only within their respective projects.


File sharing is another way that collaboration is made easy using Dead Drop. The system boasts of unlimited storage for each account. Users can share documents, photos, videos, and other files that they need in order to work with their teams or business partners.

Using Dead Drop as your virtual team collaboration software, you get to streamline how you get work done within your team or with business partners. No more wasting hours on phone calls and email threads that lead nowhere. No more wasting resources on unsecure ways to share data. With Dead Drop, you get to achieve more for a flat monthly rate of only $79.

Ready to make your operations safer? Grab a Dead Drop FREE trial today.