Internal Communications Software
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Communication is an integral part of good collaboration. In the world of business, where collaboration often involves a good amount of money, communication is a whole different ballgame altogether. In the days when internal communication software was still unheard of, messaging in business called for good old paper and pen. Then the telephone was introduced, making the process of getting in touch with colleagues much easier. Eventually, emailing and other modern communication tools became the go-to messaging channels.

The problem with these methods? They are not safe. Sure, we have systems in place that safeguard emails from security breaches. However, the fact remains that emails are not the most secure business messaging solution. Additionally, they are not suitable for collaboration.

Dead Drop is a better and safer alternative to email. This software allows for different businesses to get work done but it’s also a fantastic intranet collaboration software. Using Dead Drop, teams can participate in:


Dead Drop is a cloud-based system hosted on Amazon Web Services. Important information relayed within the system are never sent to the users’ emails. Messages within teams and with business partners remain in the cloud, where they remain safe from prying eyes.


Another factor that makes Dead Drop ideal for secure messaging for business is its project-based structure. Any message you send using Dead Drop will be delivered within projects. A message you send under one project will not be read by members of a different project. This security feature prevents data leaks, even within a single company.


Apart from security, the project-based configuration of Dead Drop also makes it suitable for smoother communication within teams. When you send a message, you are sure that you will be reaching only those who are members of a particular project. By avoiding recipient-related mistakes, you will be avoiding confusion and claims of never receiving a message.

When it comes to communication within your business, security should be given top priority. Even a seemingly harmless amount of information can have catastrophic effects to a business when placed in the wrong hands. For this reason, having a reliable and secure messaging solution is essential for any business. With Dead Drop as your company’s internal communication platform, you will be assured of solid security. Using Dead Drop, you will avoid the pitfalls of messaging using email and other traditional tools, resulting in a more effective collaboration within teams.

For $79 per month, Dead Drop also offers safe document management and sharing and cloud based collaboration for teams and external business partners.

Ready to make your operations safer? Grab a Dead Drop FREE trial today.