Document Management Software for Business
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If you manage a business, no matter the size, you probably deal with tons of documents day in and day out. In a single year, you likely accumulate boxes upon boxes of files, photos, receipts, and other printed data. And when you need to find something, you settle in for a dusty afternoon of unboxing, opening folders, and papercuts.

Sounds quaint but this style really isn’t constructive in conducting a modern day business. In terms of handling files, the way to go is having a document management software. No matter the industry, whether you are in construction, retail, or in manufacturing, a reliable file management tool should be one of your top essentials.

Dead Drop is a cut above the rest when it comes to file management. This document management software for business to business collaboration boasts of the following features:



A Dead Drop plan costs only $79 per month but it comes with unlimited storage. This means that you can use the tool to save and share as many files as your business needs.


Need to store photos, videos, or documents? Need to keep decades worth of client record for your accounting firm? Dead Drop lets you store a wide range of file types (except executable files) for better management of your company data.


Boasting of secure file sharing, all files uploaded and shared to your Dead Drop account are scanned for malware. This way, you will know that all your company files will be safe and secure in the cloud. When you store files in folders and boxes, you worry about paper-eating bugs. When you store your documents in Dead Drop, you don’t have to concern yourself about pests of the digital variety.


Perhaps one of the biggest ways that Dead Drop can help your company manage data is the fact that it is cloud based. You don’t need to set aside precious office real estate for folders and boxes since your documents will be in the cloud.

Whether you are a law firm or a real estate agency, having a reliable file management software these days is highly recommended. No matter the industry you are in, it is essential that you store your company data in a stable and secure system. Dead Drop boasts of unlimited storage and solid security that will make document management run smoother for your business.

Ready to make your operations safer? Grab a Dead Drop FREE trial today.