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Dead Drop is not like any other project management or file-sharing software. Dead Drop is a business to business collaboration application. The software is especially designed for companies working with multiple external business partners.

Our features videos on how to use the software. For more specific questions, check out the following FAQs.


Where can I sign up for a Dead Drop account?
Is there a way to use Dead Drop without signing up for a plan?
  • Yes, you get a trial plan if you are not ready to sign up for a paid account. The Dead Drop trial plan is free for 30 days. This trial plan comes with the application’s full range of features.
Where can I sign up for a Dead Drop trial account?
How much is a Dead Drop account? Do you have different pricing plans?
  • A Dead Drop plan will cost only $79 per month. We have only one pricing plan. The 79-dollar rate is flat and fixed. This fee will give you access to the full range of Dead Drop features. You get unlimited storage. You get to add unlimited projects and work with an unlimited number of external business partners.
What is the contract length for a single Dead Drop plan?
  • Dead Drop plans come in recurring monthly or 30-day terms. We don’t have long-term plans.
What modes of payment do you accept?
  • We accept only PayPal for processing Dead Drop payments.
Can I renew my account even before the end of my subscription date?
  • Yes, you can pay for your Dead Drop plan manually and in advance. When you pay in advance, your start date for the succeeding month will be the end date of the current plan period.
How do I renew my account?
  • You can renew your Dead Drop account by following the renewal link that we will send to your account’s main email address. You can also renew by making a manual payment under Settings > Payment History.


Can I cancel my plan any time?
  • Yes, you can. We don’t have long-term plans; you can cancel your account any time.
How can I cancel my plan?
  • You can cancel your Dead Drop plan inside the system by going to Settings > Payment History > Cancel Subscription. You can also cancel your Dead Drop plan by turning off the recurring payments in your PayPal account.
If I don’t use the software until the end of my subscription, will I get a refund for the remaining days?
  • No, you will not get a refund for the remaining unused days of your Dead Drop plan.
What happens to my data when I cancel my plan before the subscription end date?
  • Your data will remain in your account until your subscription end date
Can I save my Dead Drop files and data before I cancel my plan?
  • Yes, you can. You can back up your Dead Drop account under Settings. You can do this any time you want. You can also set an auto-backup schedule. Your backup will be a .sql file that will be downloaded to your local computer. You can backup your files by downloading the root directory from the Files menu.
What happens to my files and account data when I cancel my plan?
  • If you cancel your plan, your data will remain in the system until your subscription end date. You will receive a series of notifications about renewing your plan. Your data will remain in the system for thirty days after your subscription end date. If you don’t renew your plan after this period, your account will be scrubbed of all data.


What kind of files can I upload to Dead Drop?
  • You can upload any type except .exe files. is a guide on how to upload files to Dead Drop.
Does my Dead Drop account come with a set storage size?
  • No, your Dead Drop account comes with unlimited storage.
What is the file size limit for each upload?
  • The size limit for each uploaded file is 100MB.
How do you keep my data secure on Dead Drop?
  • Your Dead Drop data is stored in the cloud. Your data is encrypted both while at rest and also while in transit. When you upload a file or send a message under a Dead Drop project, an email notification will be sent to the project members. However, the email will not contain a link to the uploaded file or message. To maintain security, the team member will have to log into the system to access the uploaded data.
  • Every file uploaded to your account is also scanned for malware.
Will you have access to my company data?
  • No, your data and account files will be safe from prying eyes.
Who can access my company data?
  • Your team members and external business partners will be able to access your company data. How much data they can access will depend on their user level.
Who can download my company files?
  • Normal users can download the files of the projects that they are members of. Project owners and administrators can download files of all projects.


What are the user levels and what can particular users do on Dead Drop?
  • The following table features the three Dead Drop user levels and the things they can do inside the account. If you’re using mobile, scroll or swipe to the left to view the whole table.
Can add projects
Can group projects
Can access messages within projects
Can trash messages within projects
Can add events and milestones to projects
Can add project files
Can download project files
Can delete project files
Can download root of project files
Can view project members
Can add members to projects
Can edit project members
Can delete project members
Can view member history
Can view project history
Can download project history
Can view project settings
Can edit project settings
Can approve member requests
Can decline member requests
Can reject member requests
Can add departments
Can edit departments
Can delete departments
Can deactivate departments
Can add companies
Can edit companies
Can delete companies
Can deactivate departments
Can monitor login attempts
Can edit account colors
Can add account logo
Can view user action logs
Can backup account
Can restore backup
Can add security questions
Can edit security questions
Can delete security questions
Can pay for account
Can a Dead Drop account have more than one administrator?
  • Yes, a Dead Drop account can have more than one administrator.
Can a Dead Drop plan have more than one project owner?
  • Yes, a Dead Drop plan can have more than one project owner.
How many normal users can one Dead Drop account have?
  • One Dead Drop account can have an unlimited number of users. You can have as many administrators or project owners as needed. You can also add as many normal users as you want. You don’t have to pay a fee for every user you add to the account.
Can a normal user access all projects in the account?
  • No, a normal user can access only the projects that they are a part of. If a normal user has been invited to work on two projects, they can access only those two projects.
Can a normal user change the settings of the Dead Drop account?
  • No, a normal user will have access only to the projects that they are a part of. They cannot change the settings of the Dead Drop account.
Can a normal user work with external business partners?
  • Yes. A normal user can be invited by an external business partner to work on a project in their own Dead Drop account.
Can a project owner change the account’s general settings?
  • Project owners can only edit the settings of the projects that they are a part of. They don’t have access to the general settings of the Dead Drop account.


Where can I find my external business partners on Dead Drop?
  • The dropdown section in the header menu shows the external businesses that you collaborate with. You can switch companies or external business partners easily as shown in .
Do my external business partners need to have Dead Drop accounts for us to work in the system?
  • Yes. However, they are not required to have a paid subscription to Dead Drop. You will add them to a project or multiple projects and they will be able to work with you using your instance of Dead Drop.
What can I do with my external business partners using Dead Drop?
  • Using Dead Drop, you can send messages, share files, and collaborate on a project calendar with your external business partners. These activities are accomplished within the context of specific projects.
Will I have access to everything in my external business partner’s account and vice versa?
  • If you are added as a normal user to one of their projects, you will have access only to the messages, files, calendar, and members of the said projects. If you are added as company administrator in your external business partner’s Dead Drop account, you will have access to their whole account. Likewise, if you add a business partner only as a normal user in a project, they will have access only to the messages, files, calendars, and members of the specific project. If you add them as administrator, they will be able to access all projects and the general account settings.


Are the companies in the dropdown menu my own businesses?
  • These are other companies (with Dead Drop accounts) which you do business collaboration with. They are in the dropdown section of your account header menu because you have been added to work on one or more of their projects. In other words, you are their external business partner.
  • HOWEVER, this dropdown menu can also contain your own companies. You can register a separate Dead Drop account for each of your businesses. You can have more than one Dead Drop account. However, it is important that the email addresses used to register for each business are added as members of the different companies.

To illustrate:

Let’s say you’re John Mathieson and you own two companies, ABC Holdings and Atlantic Design. You want two separate Dead Drop plans for each company.

Company Name 1: ABC Holdings

Email address used to register: john.m@abcholdings.com

This is the company name and email address you use to get one Dead Drop account. You pay $79 for this ABC Holdings Dead Drop plan.

Company Name 2: Atlantic Design

Email address used to register: john.m@atlanticdesign.com

You can register this other company for a different Dead Drop account, paying an additional $79 monthly fee. If you add john.m@abcholdings.com as a business partner from the Atlantic Design account, the dropdown menu from your account will contain both Atlantic Design and ABC Holdings.

If I own different businesses, do I need to sign up for a separate Dead Drop plan for each company?
  • No, you don’t have to, but you can. You can choose to register only one account. Your various businesses can be added under Companies in the SETTINGS menu. With only one account, you can add and organize all projects that you are working on, no matter what business these projects belong to. If you sign up under only one account, the general company name will remain the one you used when you registered for your Dead Drop account. However, you can also choose to get a separate Dead Drop account for each business. That means paying the 79-dollar fee separately, too.
How does having separate Dead Drop accounts for my businesses differ from getting only one account and simply adding companies under account settings?
  • If you register only one account and add different businesses via the Settings menu, all administrators of the account will have access and control over all projects. It doesn’t matter what business a certain project belongs to, the administrators will be able to access them.
  • On the other hand, with separate Dead Drop accounts for each business, administrators of each business will be able to access only the projects that belong to them. The only way that they will have access to the projects of the other Dead Drop account is if they are added to said projects.
  • If you register only one account, the name, logo, and colors of your Dead Drop will be those of the company that you used upon registration. The way it will be set up is you will have an umbrella company (the one you used to register) and your other businesses will be under this company. Your other businesses can be added under SETTINGS > Companies.

The following table illustrates these differences better:

Separate Dead Drop accounts for each business

  • Pay $79 for each Dead Drop account
  • A different email is used to sign up for each account.
  • If one account is added as team member of the other account, the two Dead Drop company names will be in the header dropdown menu
  • Administrators of one account cannot access the settings of the other account unless they, too, are set as administrators of the latter
  • Name, logo, and colors of each company will be unique

One Dead Drop account, with businesses added under SETTINGS

  • Pay only $79 for one account, no additional fee for the companies you add under SETTINGS
  • Only one email address needed for one Dead Drop account
  • Other business names added as companies under SETTINGS will not show up in the header dropdown menu
  • All administrators will have access to all projects, no matter what company or department these projects belong to
  • Dead Drop company name, logo, and colors will be those of the company used to register for the account