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& Limitless
with Dead Drop

The Secure Basecamp Alternative.

Time to Make the Switch

So your team has been using Basecamp for collaboration for as long as you can remember. You have followed along from the classic to Basecamp 2 and now Basecamp 3.

But are you truly getting work done?

If you have doubts, it’s time to switch to Dead Drop: the better Basecamp alternative.

What can you do using Dead Drop online collaboration software that basecamp features won’t let you?


Customize the Platform for Better Branding – Unlike the Basecamp app, Dead Drop can be customized for easy branding. Each company instance on Dead Drop can have a different logo and personalized colors. This way, when collaborating with clients or with external business partners, they will know at first glance that they are working with you upon opening your company instance on Dead Drop.


Track Activities with Audit Trail – Dead Drop is a simple platform that allows for easy tracking of everything that goes on in your account. The Audit Trail feature of Dead Drop gives administrators a comprehensive view of all activities on all prjoects. Gone are the days of constantly checking in on someone to ask if they received your message or the files you shared. The Audit Trail will give you all the information you need to keep track of activities in all projects. Not only does it help track collaboration progress, the Audit Trail promotes team accountability as well.


Monitor Login Attempts – Another way to keep track of everything in Dead Drop is by using the login monitoring feature. It gives administrators complete information on all login attempts, both successful and not, on the platform. Additional data provided is the IP addresses where the login attempts were made.


Keep Company Data Safe from Prying Eyes – Hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS), Dead Drop is built with security at its core. Your company data will be kept in the cloud, protected with industry-compliant measures and safe from prying eyes within the AWS infrastructure.


Manage Document Using Unlimited Storage – Basecamp storage is 1TB for the yearly plan and 500GB for the pay-monthly account. On Dead Drop, you and your team can collaborate without worrying about running out of space. We don’t put limits on the extent with which your team and your external business partners can collaborate. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a multinational enterprise, you get the same unlimited storage with your Dead Drop account.

Here is another reason to switch from Basecamp to Dead Drop:
Basecamp costs more than Dead Drop.

Dead Drop Offers Better Value For Your Money

This is Basecamp pricing: $99 every month or $999 per year, flat and fixed rate, no per-user fees, no per-project fees, limited storage. This is Dead Drop pricing: $79 recurring monthly, flat and fixed rate, no per-user fees, no per-project fees, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth.

Don’t spend another day battling with Basecamp customer support. Switch to Dead Drop today to promote accountability, boost productivity, and accelerate business growth.