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Manage Teams &
Projects Better

Switch From Asana to Dead Drop.


Simple Collaboration Tool – Who has time for complicated? Unlike the Asana app, Dead Drop is intuitive, simple, and straightforward. You don’t need to spend a lot of your team’s precious time to master Dead Drop. The tool showcases a clean structure with projects, files, and messages. Dead Drop is structured so simply that users of all skill levels will be able to use it for communication and collaboration in minutes.


Customize to Showcase your Brand – To better represent your company in business to business collaborations, Dead Drop allows for customization. You can do this using Asana, too, but only if you get their enterprise plan. On Dead Drop, you can customize your account, even if you sign up for only a free trial plan. Giving you a better branding experience, the platform lets you showcase your own company logo. You can also exhibit your visual identity by changing the colors of the platform.


Dead Drop is Built with Security at its Core – Dead Drop is a cloud-based platform hosted on Amazon Web Services. AWS, a leader in the cloud computing industry, keeps your Dead Drop account safe from prying eyes. Whether you collaborate with a single client or with multiple business partners, you can be sure that your company data will remain secure, safe from leaks and breaches. Additionally, Dead Drop boasts of a nifty per-project structure. Only those working on a certain project can access the messages, files, and calendar or said project. This system renders the platform extra secure.


Free Plan with Full Features – Dead Drop free trial is available for 30 days. Unlike the Asana free plan, however, the Dead Drop free trial offer comes with a full range of features. The free plan is not a teaser. It’s not a limited version of the app but the full app itself. You get unlimited storage for sharing files and messages. You get to collaborate with unlimited users. Even with a free plan, you will be able to utilize Dead Drop fully for secure communication and limitless collaboration.


Dead Drop costs only $79 per month. The platform is offered at a fixed recurring monthly rate. Unlike Asana pricing, with its tiered structure, Dead Drop comes with a single payment plan. It costs only $79 per month, no matter the size of your team or number of external business partners. This recurring fee gives you unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited users.

Keep Your Business Safe from Prying Eyes.

Move Your Projects to Dead Drop Software Today.